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Combat B2 Adult Baseball Bat

Combat B2 Adult Baseball batThe 2010 Combat B2 adult bat was based off the previous year's Virus adult bat. The new B2AB1 bat has been dynamically tuned, bending to minimize handle vibrations for a great feel. It also has an ultra soft barrel and maximum allowable performance (MAP). In addition, Combat’s Variable Stiffness Technology produces a much bigger sweetspot which adds a whole new level of performance to this baseball bat.

The B2AB1 bat is a soft feeling, durable,  high performance bat that utilizes Combat's MAP technology. By having extremely tight machining tolerances (+/- .0005”) precisely control both the outer and inner wall bat barrel diameters, Combat’s engineers have designed bat wall thicknesses to maximize the barrels trampoline effect and overall performance. Unique to the B2 bat model is Combat's Variable Stiffness Technology, which allows for lower barrel wall stiffness on both sides of the normal sweetspot, resulting in a greatly enlarged hitting area.

Also found only in the B2 baseball bat is Blended Fiber Technology, where Arimid fibers (found in bullet proof vests) are combined with carbon and glass fibers to get more trampoline effect, while simultaneously absorbing vibrations, resulting in more energy transfer to the ball and greater hitting distance. What this means for you is - longer barrel lengths, lighter bats, and maximum allowable performance.

Durability of the B2 adult bat is also enhanced with the addition of Combat's exclusive Nanocomp Technology. Nanocomp technology uses carbon nanotubes to effectively fill in microscopic gaps between fibers to dramatically increase bat strength and durability.

BESR certified, legal in NCAA play, and all associations allowing non-wood bats.

Features of the Combat B2 Adult Baseball Bat:
•  -3 Swing Weight
•  2 5/8" Diameter
•  Extra Long Barrel
•  Ultra Soft Feel
•  Maximum Performance
•  Variable Stiffness Technology
•  Blended Fiber Technology
•  Balanced Low Swing Weight
•  Single Wall Construction
•  Full Twelve (12) Month Manufacturer Warranty

Manufactured Sizes:

B2AB1 (-3)



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