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Combat Bam Bam Coach Pitch Bat

Combat Bam Bam Coach Pitch The Combat Bam Bam is a new introduction for the 2011 lineup. The lighter the bat, the easier it is to swing, and the bigger the bat barrel, the easier it is to hit. Combat's new BAM BAM Coach Pitch bat is designed with a hollow core to minimize weight and maximize the bat barrel size, which maximizes the trampoline effect for optimal performance. With the added durability of an all-composite design, this bat will help young players excel quickly and develop a love for the game.

The BAM BAM Coach Pitch features a monster 2 3/4 inch barrel for a maximum hitting surface and a huge sweet spot. The BAMCP1 also features a super light -11.5 length to weight ratio which helps increase the hitter's bat speed.

Features of the Combat Bam Bam Coach Pitch Bat:
  -11.5 Swing Weight
  2 3/4" Barrel Diameter
  All Composite Construction
  Light Weight Hollow Core
  Great Performance
  Easy To Swing
  Easy To Hit
  Full Twelve (12) Month Manufacturer Warranty

Manufactured Sizes:

BAMCP1 (-11.5)



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